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A Whip at the Mast - 1911

By Rev. J.J. Macaulay published by James McKelvie, Glasgow. On page 5 the dedication reads: "And I acknowledge Mrs.E.A.Taylor (Jessie M King) for the striking and beautiful design for the cover of the book."

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Princess Melilot c. 1916 - 1917

Princess Melilot is a character from the story ‘The Bound Princess’ in Laurence Hausman’s book ‘The Field of Clover’ (Melilot is also a plant, known as ‘sweet clover’). In Hausman’s story, a spell is cast over the princess by her step-sisters, who are jealous of her beauty and charm. She is first turned into a rose-tree and then turned back into herself but is rooted to the ground in an enchanted sleep, unable to move or speak. The hero of the story carries out tasks to break the spell, and on waking, the Princess marries him.

Necklace - c. 1905

A gold and enamel pendant necklace comprising openwork gold floral sprays set with sapphires, designed for Liberty and Co., London.